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Each issue of " EUROPEAN CASINOS –The Elite" includes a long colour feature on a European Casino or Group of Casinos, belonging to the "Elite" of the sector. Each number also features an article on a Slots manufacturer and another on a manufacturer of Casino equipment. These reports concentrate on the leading companies in the sector, the "Elite" of the Casino industry.
"EUROPEAN CASINOS-The Elite" features big, in-depth articles, where the most qualified persons in the sector, the "Elite", give their views on current matters affecting the sector. These features aim to be a point of reference for Casino managers, a type of manual, advising them on which system to buy, which slot, which roulette table... the advantages offered by certain products, whether or not to install an on-line connection system, whether to use tokens or cash ...
The major personalities in the sector worldwide, the "Elite", star in each issue of "EUROPEAN CASINOS-The Elite" in our section "An Interview with..." These interviews discover not only their business profiles, but also their human side. Read about their history, their hobbies, their concerns, the reality of their companies and their plans for the future.


The magazine is distributed totally free of charge to European professionals - the management of top Casinos, including the 900 members of the European Casino Association, operators, manufacturers of slots and gaming equipment, distributors, government authorities, Gaming Regulators, sector associations and gamers. "EUROPEAN CASINOS –The Elite" also participates at major international fairs.




Issued: Quarterly
Circulation: 15,000 copies (6,000 in Spain, 8,000 in the rest of the Europe and 1,000 in the rest of the world)
Language: The official language is English.
However, our Editorial Council, in agreement with Casinos and sector manufacturers in other European countries, who will publish reports in our pages, may decide also to publish reports in the official language of the country in question (Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, etc.), in addition to English.

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